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Well known from Swedish media, Yvonne Henningsson has contributed to increase understanding and importance of preventive wholistic health. Yvonne is a trained Nutrition Specialist, Homeopath and Health Consultant and has after 18 years an impressive track record of thousands of successful cases. She is frequently engaged as a lecturer internationally and is also consulted by publishers to review specialist literature in the fields of homeopathic and natural medicine.

Yvonne is offering the Hair Mineral Analysis and weekend seminars based on the Ayur Veda science in the south of France. Read more about the next seminar in Provence here. More information about the Deepak Chopra course Creating Health is found here.

The hair mineral analysis
In her daily work Yvonne uses the high tech Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA), a renowned and very important complement to traditional lab tests. The test results give you a complete overview of your metabolic pattern with clear advice, instructions and data of all minerals, trace elements and heavy metals present in your body, as well as the ratio between them.

The human body is a complex biochemical lab, needing a certain level of nutrition every day to function optimally. Some minerals participate in hundreds of biochemical processes. The TMA has during the last years revealed the fact that almost every individual show major mineral/trace element and nutritional inbalances. The symptoms vary according to genetic, individual and biochemical differences and can be everything from immune disorders to skin or muscle/joint problems. In fact, the root cause of a disease is very often nutritional imbalances.

The TMA gives an exceptional and clear overview of your long term biochemical status. It is recommended world-wide as the best indicator of your body’s capacity to fight and prevent diseases.

The procedure is as follows:
After completing a questionnaire, small hair samples are taken from the scalp and sent to the laboratory in Dallas, USA. Four weeks later a new meeting with Yvonne is booked and you go through the results together. Explanations of the complete overview will follow and discussions of slight adjustments in lifestyle. This will open the possibility for the body to adjust and get in balance. You will also receive a ten page compendium, showing your complete metabolic pattern, figures of all the minerals, trace elements and heavy metals in your body as well as the ratio between them. With this information at hand, you will know what to add and what to avoid in your diet and the probable cause for your health status.
Cost for complete analysis
Hair Mineral Analysis, including two visits and complete individual, nutritional overview: EUR 165








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